• QRCode 一經email發送後即無法退費 It cannot be refunded once the QR code has been mailed.
  • ESIM 商品請於下單後30天內使用完畢 The eSIM plan has to be used within 30 days after the order is placed.
  • 基於公平使用政策FUP(Fair Usage Policy),雖然我們提供的所有上網預付卡為高速網路無限流量,但短時間進行大量網路傳輸時,各國電信商基於網路公平使用原則調控,有可能降低佔用頻寬用戶的網路通訊優先權。FUP政策是為了維護穩定的網路連線品質,因此電信商有時會對使用較大流量的用戶進行控管。因此建議不要重度使用:例如觀看視訊影片、P2P或任何下載行為、遊戲或任何APP軟體數據同步(例如Google相簿自動備份)、自動更新等 To avoid violating FUP, it is recommended that doing the large-traffic network behavior under WiFi environment. The following situation could be considered.
    Upload/Download large size of file or picture, watching movies, videos, or streaming, playing mobile game, etc. The social media is mainly composed of videos and photos. Using it to a certain extent is equivalent to watching many videos. Meanwhile, it is also recommended to turn off the automatic update and backup functions, the automatic playback function of the social media, and the satellite map navigation mode. Normal mode of navigation is recommended.
  • 實際連線速度會受不同因素影響,如:用戶與發射站的相對位置、使用裝置硬體、用戶數量等  Network speed will be affected by different factors: the relative position of the user and the transmitting station, the device hardware used, the number of users, etc.
  • 請確認“數據漫遊”選項務必要打開,以順利上網 Open network roaming to start using internet
  • 網速會因為您的終端設備及地理位置有所不同,故並不保證最低網速,請您確認後再行下單  Hotspot sharing will occupy the bandwidth somehow, and the network speed will vary depending on the equipment and geographical location, so the minimum network speed is not guaranteed. Please be noted before placing an order.
  • 此方案一經使用,若經客服人員判斷服務本身故障,方可進行退貨,若非即無法辦理退換貨 If the plan has been activated, it can be refunded under the situation, which customer service judges it malfunctioned. If the plan were not checked with status with customer service, it cannot be refunded.
  • 退款金額以消費金額為上限,請勿以影響旅遊行程、工作、精神賠償等等來要求其他額外補償,如有疑慮請斟酌購買 The refund amount is limited to the consumption amount. Please do not ask for additional compensation such as affecting travel itinerary, work, and spiritual compensation, etc. If there is any doubt, please consider before purchase.
  • 若您抵達目的地無法使用,請即時聯繫我們,恕不接受不聯絡直接回國要求退費 If you cannot use the plan upon arriving the destination, please contact us immediately. We do not accept refund after finishing your trip.
  • 各國電信網路品質不一,每個國家地域性及電信建設皆有所差別,恕無法因少數地區之訊號狀況而要求退費 The quality of network varies from place to place because the infrastructure of every country is different. Please understand. DJB do not accept the reason, which is caused by bad reception area.